Employee Engagement by Raman Mehta

Performance Productivity are the two common parameters that are frequently measured within the organization. However, it is important to understand that both the parameters are highly influenced by the engagement of the employee (in terms of their feelings & emotions) with the organization. Research proves that engaged employees are better performers as compared to the disengaged employees. Below mentioned 7 strategies will give you insight how the employee engagement of the organization can be enhanced.

Praise and Give Respect

Not all employee work for money. Employees expect praise and respect. Good employees will never leave organization for monetary benefits. These things become their priorities when they don’t get praise and respect. Do you remember when you praised your teammates last time? These are the free gifts which we should share with them everyday.

Emotionally Engaged Employees Contributes better than Other, therefore We must Learn to Respect their Emotions towards the Organizational Continual Growth.

‌Recognition and Rewards

Recognition of employee when they demonstrate their skills cum dedication should be made from time to time. This can be made through Notices, Nomination, Subject Experts, Best employee, Organizational Announcement etc.

Simultaneously, they should be Rewarded for the better work. It is very important as it will increase the employee engagement as well as differentiate between the performing and non – performing employees. Promoting good things will frame the mindset of other employees and develop the organizational culture. Thus it becomes very important that the Performers & Non-Performers are clearly differentiated. Remember all team player have to perform best to win the match, a captain’s innings is not sufficient.

Don’t Forget to Differentiate Between Goal Keeper & Score Keeper – Pranav Gautam

Give Something New to Learn, Every Day

Career and Knowledge goes in parallel. Employees work for prosperity and for career growth. Knowledge is important asset which needs to be continuously acquired, updated and expanded. To increase the employee engagement it is necessary to share the bundle of knowledge with them everyday. They must feel the work dynamic and interesting.

You feel Secure if you’re technically stronger than others

‌Professional to Personal Understanding

Go beyond professional support for employees. Try to understand their personal values and constraints. Being a Boss it is important that we support our teammates and understand their personnel problems to certain extent and provide the guidance & support wherever necessary. We must understand the limitations of professional relationship and promote personal bonding with employees. Emotional bonding will increase employee’s performance.

Uncover the power of emotions and see the difference!

‌Unbiased Leadership

Leadership is important aspect for employee engagement. A biased leader will result in disengagement of employee with the Organization. Whereas a unbiased leadership will transform the employee motivational level and promote the potential of each individual. Biased decisions are lethal for the organization.

Understand the difference between I and only I Vs We and We

Leverage Potential and Allow to Take Risk with Full Proof job Security

Every individual is blessed with versatile talent and potential. It is the responsibility of the team leader to explore and provide leverage to individual, to prove their capabilities. It is also important to ensure the risk associated with such practices and the employee work without feeling any job insecurity. This will be the stage where the employee will work for organizational benefits rather than for their survival or for job security only. When we take risks without any fear, chances of the success are increased to many folds.

A Ship is Safe in Harbor, But that’s NOT for what it is meant for!

‌Team Building Activities

Office Politics is the common issues we faces all over. However, if we increase the social activities and creates multiple modes of communication within the employees, the work becomes more joyful & dynamic, simultaneously decreases the probability for non-productive activities. Team Building Activities and providing the employees friendly environment -cum-amenities, where the different categories of the employees interact and communicate with each other eliminates the false perceptions and increases the better understanding within employees.

Joy is the Journey Not the Destination


As said in the opening of this article, to increase the Performance & Productivity, it is important to work on the employee engagement and focuses on driving the organization with the uncovered power of the employee’s emotions & see the miracle happens!

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